Taxi long distance

Long-distance taxi is the best option when traveling by car to another city over long distances. Dear customers, you can order a long-distance and international taxi from us, we carry out the transportation of passengers throughout Russia and Europe, if necessary, we send cars along Asian routes.

Long-distance taxi in St. Petersburg is becoming more popular, we offer you to use high-quality services of long-distance and international taxi in St. Petersburg. By ordering a long-distance taxi from St. Petersburg to other cities by calling 8 (812) 955–80–87, you will get more advantages than with a similar order of a city taxi, because we specialize only in the long-distance taxi mode. All long-distance taxi drivers (which is very important) have extensive experience traveling long distances.

When ordering an individual intercity taxi from St. Petersburg, you get a number of advantages such as the absence of transfers, the safety of your luggage, the speed of movement, and of course the fixed price of the trip, which the dispatcher will calculate for you.

In intercity taxi cars of St. Petersburg, software is installed, when using which the dispatcher sees in real time the location of the car anywhere in the country and abroad. To eliminate the likelihood of a tired driver arriving to order, the dispatcher monitors the driver's rest time. We send only rested drivers to order, which ensures your safety. We also use the technology of transport logistics, in which you can travel over 1,500 km., While maintaining speed and your safety.

On intercity routes, we abandoned economy class cars, since we believe that long-distance travel between cities should only be new and comfortable cars that have many security systems, and each intercity taxi car has climate control or air conditioning. If necessary, we complete a long-distance taxi car for the convenience of passengers with a blanket and a pillow.

You can order a car with a child seat (please inform the dispatcher about the seat).

In the fleet of intercity taxi in St. Petersburg there are not only cars, but also station wagons and minivans. All intercity taxi cars pass technical condition control before each trip.